Dutch artist Jeroen van der Most, or shorthand Most, combines traditional ways of making art with data, algorithms, and artificial intelligence. Van der Most describes his art as an exploration of the interplay between art history and technological progress. Fueled by a fascination for artistic heritage, AI and what their interaction teaches us about ourselves.

Van der Most's art was covered by most larger Dutch newspapers and international media like The Art Newspaper, Spanish newspaper El Pais, Artnet, trendwatching.com and the Creator's Project. His art to date was obtained by collectors from 20 countries and the national museum of New Zealand. It has been displayed in galleries and art fairs ranging from the Amsterdam KunstRai to the Affordable Artfair Hong Kong. 

Van der Most creates artworks autonomously but also developed pieces for organizations like Amnesty International, the Dutch Aids Foundation, Ramada Hotels, NVM, Funda and NH hotels. He gave lectures about contemporary art and AI at institutions as Radboud- and Utrecht University and created blogs and on-air art columns for Dutch radio and TV stations like BNR, Sublime FM and At5.

A selection of publicity for Van der Most's work, presentations, lectures, and media performances:

  • Three events by Amnesty International. June 12, 13, 14th. Revealings of an artwork by Van der Most to honor albino activist Gilbert Andrews in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Haarlem.

  • Nacht van de kunst en wetenschap / Night of the arts and sciences. June 8th, 2019. Two presentations about art, AI and the self in Groningen, The Netherlands.

  • The human factor. June 4th, 2019. A presentation by Van der Most about his art and AI. Amersfoort, The Netherlands.

  • VPRO Tegenlicht, March 2019. An interview with Van der Most about art, AI, and technology in relation to the phenomenon of Bullshit Jobs, as described by writer David Graebner.

  • Computer Idee, 2019. "Computer maakt kunst". A two page visual showing several art pieces and a short interview.

  • Erasmus Descartes Conference, Paris, 2018, a presentation by Van der Most about his art and current AI developments

  • Radboud University, 2018, a lecture by Van der Most about his art and AI

  • Future Based, 2018, a continuous email conversation about art, AI and technology publicised online at www.futurebased.org

  • Dutch national congress on hiv and STD’s, Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam, 2017, ‘Art by Jeroen
    van der Most’, an inspirational talk on the use of AI by Van der Most

  • Utrecht University, symposium artificial creativity, 2017, "The age of ultimation", a lecture by Van der Most

  • Utrecht University, Faculty of Humanities Theses, Busnach, Z., 2017, "Contemporary European art images of asylum seekers: from case studies to issues of representation"

  • SublimeFM, nieuws van de vooruitgang, 2016, three blog articles by Van der Most on the future of art, museums, and AI

  • Visualnews.com, 2016, "Artist reminds you of all that's been lost in the Syrian conflict"

  • AD.nl, 2016, "Helft bevolking genadeloos gewist door kunstenaar"

  • The Guardian, 2016, "New Rembrandt to be unveiled in Amsterdam" *

  • NOS Journaal / news, 2016, TV item about the unveiling of a new data based Rembrandt painting *

  • Parool, 2016, "De volgende Rembrandt" *

  • BNR, 2014-2016, a series of 40 on air art columns by Van der Most

  • Universiteit Gent, scriptie Jodts, S., 2015 "Opkomst en invloed van de digitalisering in het kunstproces"

  • Funda, 2015, presentation by Van der Most of a new art piece to the employees at the opening of their new office

  • NRC.nl, 2015, "Online kunstwerk tegen het denken in gemiddelden in vluchtelingendebat"

  • The Creator's Project, 2015, "How refugees are changing 'the face' of the Netherlands"

  • Atelier Magazine, 2015, "Hyperdream"

  • Vrij Nederland, 2014, "Een statistische kunstenaar berekende de essentie van de keuken van Sterrenrestaurant Vermeer"

  • The Art Newspaper, 2014, "Van Gogh's missing oeuvre"

  • Artnet.com, 2014, "Computer technology generates Van Gogh's next painting"

  • At5, cultuur in de stad, 2014, on air evalutation of a new art exhibition by Van der Most

  • ANP, Telegraaf, Volkskrant, Parool, 2013, "Gemiddelde Rembrandt is bruin, Van Gogh groen"

  • Trouw, 2013, "Een gemiddeld schilderij van Hollandse meesters lijkt in niets op de echte werken"

  • Noordhollands Dagblad, 2012, "Datakunst aan de muur en op bord"

  • Trendwatching.com, springwise.com, 2011, "Twitter portraits"

  • El PAís, 2011, "Retratos en 140 caracteres"

* Van der Most was special advisor in the new Rembrandt project