Jeroen van der Most's Future van Gogh project, the Average Refugee Face, and the Average Rembrandt and Van Gogh:

Jeroen van der Most was special advisor in the Next Rembrandt project, shown in the three pictures below.
The Next Rembrandt is a 3d-printed painting, created based on advanced data analysis of Rembrandt's oeuvre.

Te Papa, New Zealand's national historic museum:
Jeroen van der Most's "imagery taps into ... determination to restore and rebuild"

The Art Newspaper:
"contemporary Dutch artist Jeroen van der Most is not content just to wonder"

Newspaper El Pais:
It's about "the grandeur of daily life"

Menna Kruiswijk, NVM, Dutch Association of Real Estate Agents:
"We gave Jeroen a very open assignment, to show NVM is open for creativity"

Restaurant Vermeer, Amsterdam, 1 Michelin star:

Joel Broekaert, food critic:
"Beautiful and tasty"

DJ Don Diablo: