framed pixelsort 2500.jpg

Monet Klimt Pixelsort

A distorted digital fusion of paintings by Monet and Klimt forms the main image in this painting, real size 160 x 80 cm. The artwork Monet Klimt Pixelsort by artist Jeroen van der Most is inspired by the rise of artificial intelligence. Together, the painting and its movie hope to spark new ideas about the effects AI will have on art and creativity.

The visual that is depicted in the painting is to a large extent created by algorithms. After it was printed, the artist finished the work with real paints and lacquers. The project challenges the traditional boundaries between man and machine and combines paint, digital creation by AI and algorithms, and a movie. 'Pixel sorting' distortions used in the digital creation part were algorithmically created by researcher Eelco den Heijer. Sounds in the movie are by Zeger de Vos.