Monet Berckheyde  Landscape

This commissioned landscape contains a large series of paintings by old masters Monet and Berckheyde. Paintings were mainly chosen around the themes of water and light. Topics often depicted by the two painters. Next to that, a selection of artworks of the Dutch city Haarlem by Berckheyde and works that Monet painted in The Netherlands quite close to the city were included. Central in the artwork is the large church of Haarlem, that still exists in the town's centre today. Famous paintings by Monet that can be found in the artwork are for example his depiction of the cathedral in the French Rouen, his waterlilies and woman figure paintings, but also his work 'Impression, soleil levant' that gave name to the style Impressionism. The full artwork is made using digital and traditional techniques. A digital version of the piece is created using computer techniques and 'averaging' algorithms developed by the artist with which multiple paintings are blended into larger image parts. The result is printed, after which a delicate mix of paints, lacquers and pigments is added to the piece. Real size of the piece is 200 x 100 centimetres.